How You Can Help

Senior projects in EECS are normally funded by donations from industry. Companies typically pay $10K for hardware and software as well as travel to the company. They also provide a mentor who is an expert in the area of the senior project. Companies do this not only for altruistic reasons but to get access to students whom they may hire.

This senior project has no corporate sponsor so it needs funds.

One generous donation to date is funding the trip to New Orleans, and we have received a small amount beyond that. It is enough to buy some, but not all, of the equipment we need in the rest of 2013.

Additional donations would cover a variety of items, including

- Additional hardware and accessories, not just what the students need in November but also early next year and beyond.

- Other routine club expenses such as pizza, which is standard for such club meetings (because it greatly helps boost student attendance, especially for new student checking out a club).  This would be crucial for recruiting meetings.

- Other longer term possibilities, too, beyond the above, and any additional funds will be used for future endeavors approved by the club’s leadership. One concrete possibility here is to hire one or two student programmers in Summer 2014 to help move the software base forward so that the AY14-15 senior project team can be even more productive and the first public release can be earlier. This would be a huge help in hardening the code from this senior project and making it much more flexible for future projects. Ideally this would be a junior who would then be on a senior project team that fall, or at least come to meetings to help out.

- Sending students in future years to visit and learn from Team Gleason House.

- If the movement grows large enough, then hiring a student part time to help with communications, outreach, and otherwise offloading the core people working on the technology would be extremely beneficial. This could also include building, testing, and shipping systems if WSUTG decides to be a direct outlet for patients to get its rather than letting someone else do it. In such cases, having a few student hires and possibly eventually a few full-time staff would be extremely helpful.

To donate, click here.  In the notes field on that page, PLEASE put how you heard of this: through, a WSU event, word of mouth, a NOLA newspaper, the Saints, etc.