The Initial Team

The team is excited about how much they can help ALS patients, and profoundly thankful for the opportunity.  They are also ecstatic about the likelihood of the recognition that their beloved WSU will garner through this movement. Further, all 3 seniors on the core senior project team are huge Cougar football fans, as is Prof. Bakken. In case the reader has to be told, of course Gail is too.

The present team members are:

Prof. David Bakken (WSU ’85) a computer science professor who co-supervises the senior project and will spearhead the efforts to broaden the movement from beyond just the first year senior project. He is originally from       the Seattle area and worked at Boeing from 985-1988.



Prof. Sakire Arslan Ay, who co-supervises the senior project (and supervises all other senior projects).






Gail Gleason17, a long-time friend of David and his wife and a learning specialists who tutors and counsels WSU football players18 and who is completing a doctorate in                  education. Gail comes to all the meetings and who has been a mother lode of practical information on ALS patients’ limitations as well as having many useful contacts.


Eric Valor19, the chief technologist for Team Gleason and an ALS patient who can only communicate with his eyes. He volunteers to help WSU Team Gleason as a technical adviser. 


Alyssa Patrick is a communications staff member in the WSU College of Engineering and Architecture. She is helping publicize WSUTG.

Adam Thompson, a member of the senior project team from Maple Valley



Forest Clay, a member of the senior project team from Vancouver.



Peter Cramer, a member of the senior project team from Seattle.



Andrew Lytle, a computer engineering junior, and a very deep hands-on techie for both hardware and software, from Kent who is helping the team on a voluntary basis.


  Calin Scott, a computer science 5th year senior from Colbert who has already done his senior project but is doing an independent study (499) class to help the team.